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What’s the difference between a general photographer vs pet photographer who specializes?

Where is Pets R Family studio located?

What is the difference between on location, in home and in studio?


Will my dog be off leash if we shoot on location?

What if my pet is difficult to get photos of?

When is a good time to get puppies photographed?

How do I prepare my pet for their photo shoot?


Do you help clients pose with their pets?

What is the photo shoot session retainer/deposit and creative fee?

Does Pets R Family have a photography service contract?

What type of photos do you need for a fine art pet portrait?

baby duckling with a funny look of 'what the duck' question mark bush with butterflies. funny pet photo
baby duckling looking at a butterfly and a question mark bush. funny pet photo of a baby duck


What’s the difference between a general photographer vs pet photographer who specializes?

Generalist vs. Specialist – Just as you may spend more for an authentic Italian meal over the standard fast food restaurant down the street, photography operates the same way. You may pay a bit more, but you know you’ll be receiving quality.

Some photographers cover everything, from kids and families to weddings. Instead, I specialize in photographing pets and pets with their owners!! When you select a specialist you know that the photographer has the right experience, is focused on your precise needs, and can deliver exactly what you’re looking for.

Knowledge & Training – Photography takes skill and practice to develop a good eye, and proper education to master the technical side. Anyone can take a picture of their dog, but as a Pet Photographer my knowledge goes well beyond a high-quality camera. I flourish by using professional skill to quickly assess light balance, where to direct focus and more, not to mention knowing how to read and respond properly to animal behavior is where the real art is created.

I come from a background of doing creative and beauty portraits with Custom Design Portraits. I had studied and mastered the art of posing clients to flatter any and all body shapes. But when I decided to make the switch to specialize in Pet Photography I began studying dog training and behavior. Received my Pet Psychology Certification and dog training certification. I also have a very natural calm way of working with pets. Check out my About Me page

Lisa olson portrait with a canon camera posing for photo. pet photographer located in ogden utah


Where is Pets R Family studio located?

Pets R Family studio is located in beautiful North Ogden, Utah. To add an extra level of comfort and help keep the cost of doing business down while passing the savings onto you, Pets R Family studio is located on my property. Pets also tend to feel more at ease in an in-home environment.


pets r family photography studio for dogs is located in ogden utah. pet photography studio takes photos of dog on vintage chest with props in front of a window.


What is the difference between on location and in studio?

Take into consideration your pet and where they feel the most comfortable but also think about the type of photos you want. Think about your pets personality; are they noble, courageous, loyal, cute, fun-loving, cuddly, goofball or something else altogether?

An on location pet photo shoot can be challenging but can also add to the over all look of the image. Is there a location that you want your pet photographed in like the mountains, desert, by a lake or pond, at the park, in the forest, with the city in the background, or a place you and your pet love. Locations are available in Weber County, Davis County, Morgan County, Cache County and North Salt Lake. There is an additional traveling fee of $40 for photo shoots past North Salt Lake. 

In studio you will have a variety of options for backdrops and photography photo shoot sets. A controlled environment with the perfect lighting. Pets can be off leashes and feel more comfortable and relaxed without distractions of passersby or other animals. Enjoy complementary snacks and water.

I do like to photography pets where they are the most comfortable and that might be in your home, which is a great option for pets who never leave the house. Cats for example are the most natural and comfortable in their own environment and territory. If you decided an in home photo shoot is the best option for you and your pet we can do an in home consultations and I will look for the best spot in your home to photograph. There is an additional cost of $60 for in home photo shoot.


will dogs be off leash when having a photo shoot with pets r family? no pets will be on leash

Will my dog be off leash if we shoot on location?

It is my top priority to ensure that your pet is safe during any photo shoot. Only when the owners are 100% confident that their dog will come when called I might suggest letting the dog off the leash. Otherwise, all dogs are photographed on leash and leashes are digitally removed.



What if my pet is difficult to get photos of?

I often hear "these dogs you photograph must be well trained; you'd never be able to get my dog to stand still long enough for a picture". Honestly most of the dogs I have worked with are (to say the least) a little rusty when it comes to stay. Even the most obedience dog can come a little unglued during a pet photo shoot session, so if you feel your pet is hard to manage you are not alone... in fact, you are in the majority. That is when it takes a professional pet photographer who specializes in pet photography, because every pet has the ability to shine in from of the camera.


Training level should not be a problem but it's always a good idea to practice training before your photo shoot. Like sit and stay are great training ideas to practice but I have photographed both curious puppies and well trained older dogs. We have to make sure the photo shoot session is in a location where the pet feels the most comfortable.


Pets can have their own idea of how a session is going to go, plan on bring extra patience for your pets big photo shoot day. Have some of your pet's favorite treats and toys on hand to get their attentions is super helpful. 


family of bernese dogs pose for photographer for a family photo. 8 puppies and two full grown bernese dogs in front of vintage barn door posing for pet photographer lisa olson with pets r family in eden utah.


When is a good time to get puppies photographed?

Puppies are fun to work with because their world is fresh and new. They are curious and engaged in life. Of course, all that energy can make photographing them a handful especially if you are trying to work with several pups at the same time but that's where I can help take amazing images of your puppies. 

I don't often work with puppies less than three weeks of age. Before that age, they are too young to focus on noise or moving objects and, of course, their immune systems are not yet developed. 

Good cleaning routine is important when it comes to handling and photographing puppies. I recommend washing arms and hands with germ-killing soap. I also take extra measures by disinfect all toys and noisemakers that are being brought along for the photo shoot. These precautions may seem a lot but many of the deadly diseases that can kill a puppy are airborne viruses that can be innocently brought into your home by others. 

8 week old pug in a newborns bed prop with a small bear having a photo shoot with pet photographer lisa olson with pets r family. dog photography studio located in ogden utah specilizes in puppy photos


How do I prepare my pet for their photo shoot?

I have an entire section dedicated to this topic. Click the link to read more.


Do you help clients pose with their pets?

Absolutely, yes. That is part of what makes me a knowledgable professional photographer. I study the art of posing and can flatter any body type through a variety of poses. This is where my work separates itself from the rest of the photographers in the area.  I have taught classes, given seminars and one-on-one classes teaching models and other photographers my skill and knowledge of "the art of posing". 

Almost every single person I have ever photographed needs guidance on what to do in front of the camera. Having your picture taken can be forced and unnatural experience. It's the photographers job to create an atmosphere that you feel safe to be yourself in.

I will help you take your mind off having your picture taken through directions and coaching. This will allow natural comfortable and confident expressions. This is how your personality and beauty is captured. ​

When it comes to posing clients the photographer also has to consider lighting, camera angle, lens choice, depth of field, poses, placement, foreshortening and other technical photography skills but that is why you have me.

I have studied animals and have learned what looks cute, noble, sweet, bold, lovable, adventures and everything in-between. 

sunset photo shoot with lady and her two dogs that are campain canine service dogs. pet photographer lisa olson takes photo of two service dogs and their owner in salt lake city during sunset.


What is the photo shoot session retainer/deposit, creative fee?

If you have never worked with a professional photographer you may find yourself asking two very reasonable questions. “What is this fee? And “what does it pay for?”

A relatively quickly answer is that, a photo shoot session fee is the fee a photographer charges for their services. Of course there is a lot more to taking a picture (even more so of pets) than simply pointing the camera and snapping a photo. You are also paying for the photographers time to do the photo shoot session, pre and post photo shoot work, creative ideas, photo editing and enhancement, traveling, expertise/knowledge, private viewing gallery, plus the retainer/deposit. Fees for a professional photographers typically range anywhere from $100 to $1000. Pets R Family photo shoot session retainer/deposit, creative fee is currently $150 but subject to change.


Pets R Family photo shoot session retainer/deposit and creative fee breakdown.

  • Covers the $300 non-refundable photo shoot retainer and deposit.

  • Dedicated time with professional pet photographer Lisa Olson who specializes in posing people and pets.

  • Certified in photography, dog training and pet psychology.

  • Expert knowledge in photography for the best quality images.

  • On location or in studio photo shoot.

  • Pre and post studio clean with veterinarian grade disinfectant.

  • A variety of photo shoot sets in studio.

  • Signature editing, enhancing, and retouching of images

  • Viewing gallery in person or online 

  • Time and travel

  • An incredible experience of having you and your pet photographed or just your pet by a specialized pet photographer. Lisa Olson takes the up most care and consideration of each client and pet. She prides herself in taking amazing photos, giving a unique personalized experience.

* What is not covered in the photo shoot session retainer/deposit, creative fee is the deliverable. These are prints, digitals photo packages, images, wall art, or merchandise.

doodle puppy on pink couch in front of a rainbow backdrop. puppy with a pink bow posing for dog photographer Lisa Olson


Does Pets R Family have a photography service contract?

Yes, Pets R family is an LLC and has a legal contract for clients to sign when hiring Pets R Family for photography services. This contract is to protect the client and Pets R Family from lawsuits. To read the entire contract please click on the link below. 


What type of photos do you need for a fine art pet portrait?

For the best results for a fine art pet portraits  the photos you send need to be clear as possible, a variety of angles of the pet, a variety of places that the pet is in for different lighting situations, and the more pictures you have to send the better to select from.


If you have one picture you love and have to have it (even if it's not in the best focus or light) I will definitely do my very best to get you the results you are looking for. The photos can be a cell phone picture you have taken or a scanned photo that has been previously printed. For best results schedule a pet photo shoot with Pets R Family.


two yorkies sitting on a sleigh for a photo in the snow with trees. two puppies pose for pet photographer lisa olson with pets r family in ogden utah
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