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Preparing your dog for their photo shoot.

Taking the time to prepare your pet for their photo shoot will help you get the results you are looking for in the final photos.  Here are some tips from pet photographer Lisa Olson

dog studio takes fun photos of dogs in bubbles. ogden utah dog photographer, lisa olson with pets r family

Practice Commands

If you don’t regularly use obedience commands for older pets, be sure to practice them a few days before the photo shoot. A few good commands to practice are sit, stay and lay. If you want to incorporate any special tricks during the photo shoot, be sure to practice those too. Most new born pets are too young to know commands, don’t worry. Pets R Family takes pride in being able to work with pets, their personalities, and level of training.

Grooming. To make sure your pet looks their best, be sure to give them a bath or take them to the groomer. Depending on the pet you have and the look you prefer, grooming needs will vary. Be sure to do that a week to a few days before the photo shoot (not the day of the shoot). That will give the pets fur sometime to settle in place so they look their best and won't be over stimulated/stressed for the photo shoot. Being groomed and having a photo shoot the same day can be overwhelming for most pets.

Trim your pet’s nails. If you choose a professional studio setting, trim your pet’s nails so they won’t damage on the floor and furniture. Make sure to do this if shooting in the studio.

funny pet photo of a dog in a bath tub with bubbles on his head. preparing your pet for their photo shoot with pet photographer lisa olson.

Day of the photo shoot

Exercise or rest your pet. Depending on the personality of your pet, it may be necessary to take two separate approaches. If your pet is very laid back who spends more time napping than anything else each day, some quiet time and rest before their photo session will likely be best. However, if you have an active, wild child on your hands your pet will likely benefit from some exercise. Play or take your pet for a walk about an hour before the photo shoot, it’s a good idea to help burn off some pent-up energy.


Don’t feed your pet (or very little). If your pet is hungry they are more likely to be alert and willing to focus. If you feed your pet first you may end up with a sluggish pet who wants to curl up and sleep. Also if you don’t feed your pet first, a food motivated pet is more likely to respond to treats.

What to bring with you: If your pet is food motivated please bring some treat along with you. If your pet has a favorite toy or item that gets their attention please bring them too. Water, brush, waste bags, best collars and leashes or any other items you think you might need.

Overall when it comes to preparing for a photo shoot it’s important to stay calm, focused and in control of your pet. If you do this, then you will increase your chances for a successful shoot that will produce the photos you desire.

two dogs in the bath for a photo shoot with pet photographer lisa olson with pets r family photography studio located in ogden utah. fun themed dog photo shoots with bubbles and ducks
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