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Dog Paw-traits

Northern Utah dog photographer, Lisa Olson

three small dogs on blue couch posing for photos with pet photographer lisa olson with pets r family located in north ogden utah. dog photographer helps pose three dogs for photos on furnature

Dog Photography

For pet parents who believe dogs are family and want to have beautiful images of their fur babies. Where to start? Think about how you would like your images to look and what you would like to do with the images. 

In studio you will have a variety of options for backdrops and photography photo shoot sets. A controlled environment with the perfect lighting. Pets can be off leash and feel more comfortable and relaxed without distractions of passersby or other animals. Enjoy complementary refreshments during your dogs photo shoot. We should get yummy treats too. 

There are a variety of backdrops and furniture to select from which make the images look creative, luxurious and timeless. Pets R Family pet photography studio is located in North Ogden, Utah.  

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two dogs on vintage couch posing for dog photographer lisa olson with pets r family. dog photography studio located in north ogden utah. irish setter and aussie on couch during dog photo shoot with pet phorographer
on location photo shoot with pet photographer lisa olson. ogden utah photo shoot with pet photographer during sun set, addorable puppy

An on location pet photo shoot can be challenging but can also add to the over all look of the image. Is there a location that you want your pet photographed in like the mountains, desert, by a lake or pond, at the park, in the forest, with the city in the background, or a place you and your pet love. 

On location photo shoots available in Northern Utah in the following counties: Weber county, Morgan county, Davis county, Salt Lake county and Cache county

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What if my dog is difficult to get pictures of?

I often hear "these dogs you photograph must be trained or models, my dog would never hold still long enough for pictures". I do occasionally work with service dogs but most of the dogs I work with are just family dogs.

what if my dog is hard to get pictures of? lisa olson with pets r family is able to work with all kinds of dogs and training level
most dogs lisa olson with pets r family photographs is family dogs will all different levels of training. all dogs can have pictures taken. three dogs on a brown couch posing for pictures with dog photographer

When I work with dogs I use patience and positive reinforcement. I let the dogs get use to the studio, lights, camera and me before I even start taking photos. it does take extra time but having the dogs comfortable in the studio is important for them to look happy in the photos.

No dog is perfectly trained and they all jump off the furniture, and on it, and off it again. They run around the studio, take naps and occasionally have accidents but that's ok because they are our dogs, they are our fur babies, they are our family. We love them and they belong in photos too.

three huskies taking a nap during a dog photo shoot with lisa olson with pets r family located in ogden utah
pets r family photo SM-.jpg
small black dog on red couch posing for photos with lisa olson with pets r family in dog photography studio located in North Ogden utah.
on location photo shoots in bountiful utah with pet photographer lisa olson with pets r family photography.
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