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utah business women poses with three poodles for profesional photos with dog photographer lisa olson with pets r family in ogden utah. posing women with dogs for photos

Mommy and Me


Do something special with your furbabies 

Specializing in dog photography while encouraging dog moms to step outside their comfort zone and have a creative photo shoot with their furbabies. 

I want to help women escape everyday life and do something different. I also love to show women how beautiful they are, because we are our own hardest critics and we don't always see what others see.


I was always a very shy and socially awkward person so I know how an amazing picture could give you a big self confidence boost. I will help you every step of the way to create phenomenal images and have a wonderful experience that is perfect for you and your pet. 

Do you help clients pose with their pets?

Absolutely, yes. That is part of what makes me a knowledgeable professional photographer. I study the art of posing and can flatter any body type through a variety of poses. This is where my work separates itself from the rest of the photographers in the area.  I have taught classes, given seminars and one-on-one classes teaching models and other photographers my skill and knowledge of "the art of posing". 

Almost every single person I have ever photographed needs guidance on what to do in front of the camera. Having your picture taken can be forced and an unnatural experience. It's the photographers job to create an atmosphere that you feel safe to be yourself in.

dog mom poses with puppy for photos with dog photographer lisa olson with pets r family in ogden utah.
glamour photo with dogs for fun mommy and me style photo shoot with dog photographer lisa olson with pets r family in ogden utah. dog photographer helps pose women with dogs for glamour photos

I will help you take your mind off having your picture taken through directions and coaching. This will allow natural comfortable and confident expressions. This is how your personality and beauty is captured. ​

When it comes to posing clients the photographer also has to consider lighting, camera angle, lens choice, depth of field, poses, placement, foreshortening and other technical photography skills but that is why you have me.

I have studied animals and have learned what looks cute, noble, sweet, bold, lovable, adventurous and everything in-between. 

Do something special for yourself, you deserve it

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