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Pet hair and odor problems?

The Easiest Ways to Deal with Pet Hair and Odor in Your Home 


Can we take a minute to talk about something almost every pet parent deals with? 


Although pet hair and odors are a small price to pay to have our furry ones at home with us, the fuzz and funky smells can sometimes seem overwhelming!


My husky Myra gets hair everywhere, it’s like glitter in the crafting world. I often have dog hair as my wardrobe accessory instead of jewelry. And if I’m honest here, Myra also smells from time to time.


Husky and yellow lab on vintage furniture having their pictures taken by Utah pet photographer Lisa Olson with Pets R Family
My FURbabies

I know enough pet parents to know I’m not the only one dealing with this.  If only there was a magic wand that cleaned up all the pet hair and made my home odor free.


Over the years, I’ve found some of the easiest ways to keep my home as fur and odor-free as possible is to keep the dogs outside, but they are my furbabies and belong inside with the family. So that is not a solution for me at my home.


Here’s a few of the things I found to help tackle pet odor and dog hair in my home:


Tip #1: Throw your pet’s linens and blankets in the washer. 


Myra loves to steal blankets off the furniture and sleep on them at night instead of her many dog beds available around the house. Which is fine, most of the time, until I want to snuggle under a blanket and watch a scary movie. Ugh, talk about snuggling with tons of fur and the blankets get smelly!  


I invested in washer-safe fabrics and sturdy bedding that can easily be washed for those times when she does sleep on them.


Pro tip: Use pet-friendly, odor-busting detergent.  Don’t forget to wash your own bed linens, too, especially if your dog loves lounging on them too. 


Puppy photographer takes photo of sleeping pig puppy in newborn prop for adorable photos  Utah pet photographer Lisa Olson with Pets R Family
Sleepy puppy

Tip #2: open some windows or an air purifier.  

Fresh air makes everything better. When the weather is nice, I like to open the windows and let a nice breeze in. Make sure your screens are secure, though—especially if you have a door-dasherlike my husky! I found her one day with her head pushed through a window screen barking at the mailman.  


If you can’t air your space out or it’s too hot or too chilly to open the windows, an air purifier may help. Many of them clean the air by filtering out particles that cause bad smells.


Tip #3: Cleaning, (this tip is a given and a no brainer, but I still don’t like it)  


Regularly cleaning your floors and carpets will do wonders for odor and hair. I really like my shark vacuum and robot vacuum named Wall-E. Making these quick chores a part of your regular household duties makes a big difference. 


Be sure to check labels of any chemicals you use to make sure they’re safe for your furry friend. Some “clean smelling” products have pine oil or other oils or acids that can be dangerous to pets. Choose products designed with your pet in mind.


Weenie dog in Cinderella prop for photos wearing a necklace for her dog mom. Utah dog photographer takes photos of dogs in fun props
Mommies princess

Tip #4: Black light investigation! (I haven’t tried this tip yet)


If you’ve thoroughly cleaned everything but still struggle with odors, you may have missed an accident! A black light can help you find dog urine that need extra attention. 


Tip #5: Groom your pet. 


Bathing, brushing, and trimming your pet’s hair regularly cuts down on smelly odors and makes your pet look great, too. I have to bath and brush my husky often because she can’t have her hair cut (never shave a husky!). 


Regular brushing helps lot during shedding season and keeps your pet’s coat and skin healthy. Brush your pet outdoors, if it’s safe, or be sure to vacuum after an indoor brushing session


Black lab in bathtub for grooming photo shoot with Utah pet photographer Lisa Olson with pets r family

Tip #6: Every pet home needs a great lint roller


Lint rollers are an easy way at picking up your pet’s hair or your clothes. I have one in almost every room in my home and in the photography studio.


Don’t limit them to your clothes. They are great on any fabric and furniture too. 


Tip #7: Visit your vet for any health issues


Shedding is normal. Excessive shedding is not. An active dog can get somewhat smelly, but if the smell is strong from your pet’s skin, mouth or ears, your pet may need more than regular home grooming.  Medical conditions, infections, allergies, poor diet, stress, and anxiety may result in shedding or odors that really need the attention of your veterinarian to check for serious health issues. Proper treatment can help your pet live better and help reduce odors or loose hair. 


Having a pet means you will deal with hair and odors from time to time. It’s part of pet parenthood. What do you do around the home to deal with hair or odors? Let me know! 

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