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LolliProp Shop

Lisa Olson, the founder, designer, and creator of LolliProp Shop, researched a variety of material to make a safe, durable, and colorful lollipop prop. Inspired by her unique and creative photo shoots for dogs.

The journey started when Lisa Olson, Dog Photographer with Pets R Family Photography located in Ogden Utah, had an idea to do photo shoots with dogs and lollipops for colorful, whimsical, and creative photos for pet parents.

However, there was a problem, regular lollipops are full of harmful sugar and can be a choking hazard for dogs. Their safety is one of Lisa's top priorities when photographing them therefore she spent months researching material to make a lollipop prop because she could not find one online that had the quality needed for dog photography.

It had to be water resistant, durable, non-toxic, long but strong lollipop stick that was NOT wood, washable after each use, and most importantly safe to use with dogs.

Lisa saw a need and filled the need by opening the LolliProp Shop. These lollipop props are perfect for dog photography, newborn photography, portrait photography, home décor, party decorations, cosplay accessories, creative ideas and so much more. Don’t trust just any lollipop prop online, LolliProp Shop takes the time to handmake high quality and unique lollipop props.

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