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Do you like whimsical dog photos?

Updated: Apr 1, 2023

Dog photographer, Lisa Olson with Pets R Family in Ogden Utah, is starting a new pet photography sensation called lolli-PUP Pops. These fun comical photos with dogs licking lollipops is a great way to show off your dog’s playful personality.

How is Pets R Family lolli-PUP Pops photo shoots done?

For starters, don’t feed your dog’s lollipops! Lollipops are full of sugar and can be a choking hazard, so they are NOT an everyday treat for your dogs.

The dogs do not actually eat a lollipop during the photo shoot. Lisa has found a cleaver way to encourage the dogs to lick a prop lollipop without giving them a large dose of harmful sugar.

The lolli-PUP Pops are actually a photo shoot prop that is designed and handmade by Lisa Olson.

She researched material that could be used to make the lolli-PUP Pops that are non-toxic, pet friendly and safe to use during the photo shoot.

I don’t want to give away all the secrets, but they are not a chew toy or a treat but safe to lick. I would compare it to a dog bowl but shaped like a lollipop on a stick.

Please don’t have just any photographer do lollipop photos with your dog. Your dog’s safety is our top priority, and they may have not done the same research.

How does Lisa make the photos look more comical?

With the bright colors that are complimentary it gives the photos a fun, uplifting, positive feel to the photos.

Lisa also uses a photography trick of lens distortion that makes the dogs head, nose and eyes look bigger than they do in real life. This gives the photo a unique whimsical look that makes people smile when they see it. (Lens distortion: whatever is closes to the camera appears larger/bigger and exaggerated with certain lenses).

What to do with the photos after the photo shoot.

I recommend printing wall art prints and displaying them a series of three. This is a great way to showcase a fun variety of whimsical photos from your photo shoot.

Why Print?

Digital images are great for the here and now, but one crashed hard drive, or no longer compatible media (remember floppies or even CD's), or lost USB drive, or forgotten login and your pictures are gone forever. Print what you want to keep and enjoy seeing every day. No one shows off their flash drive to friends and family, but they would enjoy seeing printed pictures on your wall or in a photo box.

Behind the scenes of a lolli-PUP pop shoot

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Lolli-PUP pops

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