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Holiday Pet Photos

Don't forget about your pets this holiday season. Pets are a big part of the family and the holidays are a great time to show them off to everyone with a pet photo shoot at a great price. ​

Pets not only enter our homes but into our hearts. Give your pet the spotlight for a day with a professional photo shoot.

I often hear "these dogs you photograph must be well trained; you'd never be able to get my dog to stand still long enough for a picture". Honestly most of the dogs I have worked with are (to say the least) a little rusty when it comes to stay. Even the most obedience dog can come a little unglued during a pet photo shoot session, so if you feel your pet is hard to manage you are not alone... in fact, you are in the majority. That is when it takes a professional pet photographer who specializes in pet photography, because every pet has the ability to shine in from of the camera.

Each pet and dog has their own personality which presents different challenges during a photo shoot. Every pet and dog is unique and has different fears, triggers, energy, training level, anxiety and responses.

One reason why I love pet photography is because I understand dogs and sense their energy (sounds odd but it’s true). I’m not just taking a picture, I’m showing patience and compassion. The dog doesn’t care about the picture, they care about the experience of being in a new place around a new person. Did they have fun or was stressful for them. The beautiful pictures I take are for the pet parents, making the experience wonderful for everyone.

Pets R Family, LLC. photography studio is located in North Ogden, Utah.

Utah Pet photographer Lisa Olson, Certified dog trainer and Dog Photographer

Images copyright by Pets R Family, LLC

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