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What to think about when getting a new puppy

Puppies can be amazing and shower you with love, be your protector or your special companion. But they are a big responsibility and should be treated as such.

If you are considering a new puppy, please please PLEASE do your research! Understand all of the needs of your puppy's breed before you bring him or her home. Understand all the pros and cons of your breed, like whether the breed is prone to allergies, aggression, anxiety, breathing issues, stubbornness, etc. Also think about the size of your breed, it's needed activity level, whether it does better with or without another canine companion etc.

Another thing to keep in mind is that ANY dog will need regular vet visits which may include vaccinations, bloodwork, fecal tests (to check for parasites), and you never know when there might be a major medical issue that can be very costly.

Make sure you can financially handle the expense, and keep in mind that the larger the dog, the more expensive they generally are. Pet insurance or CareCredit can help and are highly recommended.

Consider grooming needs. Will the breed need to be taken to the groomers ofter to keep their fur trimmed. Will they need to be brushed daily, like some doodles, their fur that mats really easily? Will they shed or blow their coat, like a husky?

Don't forget training!! No matter what breed of puppy you chose to bring into the family, remember they will need training. They are just like kids, they have to be taught what they can and cannot do. Puppies will learn quickly but you have to take the time to teach your new puppy.

Consider training classes by dog trainers who are knowledgeable with puppies and what's the best way to train them. This is one of the most important things you can do for your puppy!!! Help them become apart of the family with a good training routine. We all want a well behaved puppy but it's up to you to train a puppy.

Co-Author: Sarah Tandy Stiles, Vet Tech (first 4 paragraphs)

Lisa Olson, Utah dog photographer, Puppy photographer, dog trainer

Photos copyright by Pets R Family, LLC

Pets R Family is located in North Ogden but services weber county, Davis county, Cache County and North Salt Lake

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