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Easter with pets

Easter tips and ideas for a fun and safe day with your pet

Easter for pets is a special event, just like it is for humans. There are so many new colors in the house, baskets with goodies on the table, and these little oval shaped balls lying on the ground and throughout the house. Your human family members aren't the only ones who love to celebrate the holidays: your cats and dogs do, too!

Spoil them with an easter mini photo shoot with Pets R Family on March 27, 2021.

  • 20 minute Easter Minis are currently ONLY $80!

  • You will receive 3 digital photos in social media format and in high resolution for printing.

  • Mini covers 2 pets and any additional pets are only $15 per pet.

  • In the comfort of Pets R Family studio located in North Ogden.

  • Variety of easter backdrops to select from.

Give Them an Easter Basket

Now this is a little trickier than the Easter egg hunt because easter baskets are not exactly good for your dog. The baskets are easily splintered when chewed on by your dog and the grass in the baskets can be toxic to your dog. This is why giving your dog their own “basket” while your kids open their baskets can be helpful. You can just hand them the items or put it in a pet safe basket without all the Easter grass.

Have a Doggy Easter Egg Hunt

Doing a doggy Easter egg hunt before your kids hit the yard can be a great way to include your pet. You can put treats in the yard and even an extra boiled egg. Here are a few tips for making this memorable:

  • Do not use plastic Easter eggs to hide treats. Your dog will not be able to find them and the plastic can break and harm them.

  • Follow your dog to make sure they get all the treats

  • Do the dog hunt first to ensure your dog does not pick up chocolate left from children

Safe and healthy dog cakes and pupcakes as a special treat

Pets R Family favorite barkery is Puppy Up Pastries!!!

  • freshly baked and made to order dog cakes, pupcakes, doggie donuts and many other treats!!

  • Theses homemade dog biscuits are Gluten free and completely safe for dogs!

  • Yogurt is a good source of calcium and help keeps your pups bones healthy and strong! It is also full of probioticswhich are great for your dogs digestive system!

  • As a favorite treat of many canines, Peanuts butter is a great source of protein, heart healthy fats, vitamin B, and Vitamin E!

  • Cinnamon helps regulate blood sugar by helping slow the absorption of sugar in the bloodstream after a meal high in carbohydrates. Which also helps lower insulin resistance.

  • STORAGE: They are better kept fresh! Can be kept in Refrigerator for up to 2 weeks!

Keep Chocolate Away From Pets

Chocolate contains theobromine and can cause hyperactivity, seizures, and an elevated heart rate in dogs. Keep the Easter stash hidden and away from your dog.

Sugar Substitute Xylitol is Toxic to Pets

Candy that has the sugar substitute xylitol, a sweetener, is toxic to dogs and cats. It’s often found in candy, gum, and some baked goods. If your pet ingests it, a drop in blood sugar can occur and cause problems such as seizures and liver failure. You may have to put your dog in another room while the kids celebrate Easter and dive into that basket of candy and chocolate.

Easter Lilies are Toxic to Cats

Easter lilies are very pretty but cats have a tendency to chew on them. These flowers are toxic to cats and can cause vomiting and lethargy. Hopefully your cat doesn’t jump on every surface in the house and you’ll be able to find a nice spot for the flowers. But if not, it may be best to avoid having Easter lilies in the house to keep your cat safe.

Images Copyright by Pets R Family LLC.

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