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Dog Photography in 2022

Pets R Family had an outstanding year in 2022. Over 70 photo shoots, photographed over 200 dogs, gained 2K followers on Facebook business page, commercial photo shoot with BAY harnesses, and my first Purina PROPLAN event.

Pets R Family photography studio was voted #1 in Northern Utah 2022

Photography is not just pushing a button

It’s about facing a variety challenges and working through them to make magic happen.

It’s about getting to know who is in front of your camera and their unique personalities.

It’s about having the knowledge and equipment needed for a variety of situations.

It’s about freezing a moment in time while making incredible memories and images.

It’s about the passion for creativity and creating something that will be here for many years, even after you are gone.

Thank you for an amazing year in 2022!

Pets R Family LLC

Copyright 2022

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