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Do you have fur babies?

Are your dogs like your kids? If you answered “yes” – there is a good chance that you’re probably a dog mom with fur babies.

Fur baby (plural fur babies)

A pet/pets, especially one that someone treats with a lot of love and kindness, as if it were a baby.

* Dog moms and/or Pet owners do understand that pets are not actual babies. It is a modern day terminology for pets who they love very much.

Dog Mom (dôg mäm) noun:

An informal and affectionate term for a dog lover that identifies as female that thinks her pets are “fur babies”. While some dog owners may never think of their dogs as their children, dog moms are an entirely different breed. Dog moms don’t just live with a dog, they think of their dogs as members of their family.

Signs You Might Be a Dog Mom (or Dog Dad) with fur babies

1. You or your parents refer to your dog as their “grandpuppy”

Even if you say this only jokingly – odds are you’re probably a dog mom. Double points if you do this even though you also have human children.

2. Your dog eats better than you do

If you’ve ever purchased premium dog food or treats for your pet, but you usually buy “store brand” food or plan meals around whatever is on sale when feeding yourself.

3. You make your own dog treats

4. Your dog goes to daycare

If you drop your pup off at a dog spa or doggy day care on your commute to work, or if you hire a dog walker to play with your pup when you’re at the office.

5. You have other children, but the dog is your favorite

If your dog is secretly (or not so secretly) your favorite.

6. You make play dates for your dog

If your dog has a “best friend” or buddy that you regularly visit simply for your dog to hang out and play with.

7. You’ve shown strangers pictures of your dog

If you have ever whipped out your phone to show total strangers pet photos.

8. Your dog has their own Instagram account

If your dog has an active social media presence and their own Instagram followers, despite not having any thumbs to type with.

9. You give your dog presents

If you’ve celebrated holidays or a birthday with a gift or bought something while out shopping for other things because you know your dog would absolutely love it.

10. You have conversations with your dog

If you talk to your dog like they understand you – you’re probably a crazy dog lady (and a dog mom).

11. Your vacation plans involve your dog

If you’ve ever decided not to take a trip because you couldn’t bring your dog or you have ever made travel plans around your dog.

12. Your social life involves your dog

13. You dress your dog up in costumes

14. You moved for better dog amenities

If access to a specific dog park or a fenced in yard were a factor when shopping for a home or renting an apartment.

Don’t Forget Dog Moms on Mother’s Day

My Pets R Family picture by Lisa Olson


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